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The world is filled with stories.
Stories, in their infinite variety, can change the world around us.
Every webtoon starts with a story and every story starts with an idea.
That's what Lezhin is, the idea that stories can make the world a better place.

Our History

Lezhin Comics reports earnings of 10 million USD in the US market
"Lezhin Comics ranks" 1st in the "Top Grossing Comic Apps" category on the Google Play store.
Jul. Lezhin attends and hosts a booth at "Anime Expo 2017," the largest anime convention in North America.
Jun. Lezhin hits 10 million registered users.
Mar. Lezhin becomes the first webtoon company to be granted the government's “Information Security Management System (ISMS)” certification.
Mar. Lezhin is invited to be chairman of Copyright Overseas Promotion Association (COA).
Jun. Lezhin attracts a 50 billion won investment from IMM PE.
Dec. Lezhin Comics launches its English language service in the US.
Jul. Lezhin Comics launches its Japanese language service in Japan.
Apr. Lezhin Comics attracts a 5 billion KRW investment from NCSOFT.
Jun. Lezhin Comics launches.

Working at Lezhin

At Lezhin Entertainment, we're dedicated to making a better tomorrow through our four core values.

  • Duty and
  • Mutual Respect
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation

재미를 만드는
유쾌한 회사

정말로 재미있는
Work & Life


우리의 무대는
세계 그 자체

전 세계에 직접 부딪혀보는
체험과 도전


존중과 배려를
먼저 베푸는 사람

기본 매너가 있는
수평적인 문화


Contents & Service



  • IMM PE
  • Aju IB Investment
  • KTB Network


8, Yeonmujang 11-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Lezhin Comics

A diverse library of over 8,000 titles
The first premium webtoon platform in Korea
Expertise in global content through localization
Home to “Lezhin Pick,” a webtoon recommendation service

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Lezhin Studio takes high-quality webtoon IPs and transforms them into films, dramas, video games and other original content, creating new and amazing ventures.

UL Entertainment is built on the bedrock of a professional system and standardized infrastructure. Through its affiliations with a variety of talented actors, UL operates a comprehensive entertainment business.

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We ask that submissions include 4 completed episodes along with an outline.
The outline should include the title’s genre, synopsis and character sheets.
It may take up to 3 weeks for our staff to review your submission.

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